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Employees, their professional qualifications, skills and personal potential - that is one of the key competitive advantages of the company "Sheriff".
"Sheriff" LLC declares its adherence to observance of human rights in accordance with the Constitution and current legislation of the republic.  Currently, there is a Council of Labor Collectives which is operating within the framework of unified socially responsible relationships.
The Company strives to provide all employees with equal opportunities to realize their potential in the working process, with impartial and fair assessment of their results, selection and promotion of the employee on the basis of his or her own professional abilities, knowledge and skills.
The personnel management of the company has the following objectives:
- implementation of corporate management standards;
- providing the company's enterprises, its subsidiaries and related units with specialists, methodological recommendations on personnel management;
- development and implementation of a strategy of compensation policy and staff motivation;
- development and coordination of short-term and long-term social programs, charity projects at the corporate level;
- ensuring the functioning of the corporate system of social monitoring and social reporting;
- organization of specialized trainings for the personnel’s professional development.
The personnel management aims:
- improving the motivation systems of employees, ensuring a competitive level of compensation package;
- Personnel development (selection, hiring, evaluation, training, promotion) to provide the company's units with employees with the necessary professional qualifications;
- raising the level of labor protection, strict observance of safety precautions, improvement of social and living conditions in production;
- strengthening of corporate culture, ensuring social stability and a favorable psychological climate in labor collectives;
- the implementation of corporate social programs.