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Beer production

In the summer of 2014 the construction of beer production facility was launched on the outskirts of the district “Oktyabrskiy” in Tiraspol.

Eighteen months later of our first batch of beer under brand “Nashe” released in late February 2016.

Manufacturing has been certified and obtained the license for the beer production; the beer manufacturing process began in January 2016.

 After all stages of maturation the beer must pass through the rigorous laboratory analysis. Until the product is dispensed into suitable containers, it cannot consider being a beer. There are strict parameters for evaluating product: alcohol and carbon dioxide content, color, turbidity and other indicators.

Each production process is unique. Applying different yeast, they can produce beer of any taste. For example, suppliers from Belgium offer the yeast of more than 500 species. Our experts have selected the strain that best suits the tastes of our residents. The main staff of brewery includes brewers and brewer assistants, fermentation and bottling line operators. All of them were trained by experts from the Czech Republic, the country with a long history of brewing. It’ is planned to continue close cooperation with them further.  All brewing processes are computer controlled and they require utmost attention and expertise. Besides, all the requirements of safety regulations and absolute cleanliness are carefully observed.