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Car service

Regular car maintenance service is the key to your car "health." Any malfunction, not identified and eliminated in time can lead to more serious damage (and costly repair), or even to a very tragic  road accident.

 Our car service offers to our customers a warranty / post-warranty car maintenance.

 For legal entities we offer to conclude the contracts for the maintenance of the existing vehicle fleet.

Our service centre is a team of experienced mechanics. We use only on high-quality equipment, materials and spare parts! This choice allows us to carry out diagnostics and maintenance of cars of all brands.

At the same time, thanks to the direct cooperation with manufacturers, our prices are affordable to every car owner.

We offer the following services:

• Diagnosis of all vehicle systems (engine, chassis, suspension, brakes, fuel, electric)

• Service and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

• Complex car service

• Replacing brake discs, hoses, cylinders, repair etc

• We provide the vehicle diagnostic before buying

• The warranty for all work performed

We offer the most complete range of service! Taking in attention to considering the brand of your car and  the complexity of the upcoming work our experts quickly calculate the exact cost of services needed and if necessary give you a professional advice for additional service.