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Fuel project of the company “Sheriff”

Subscribe to the Fuel project of the company “Sheriff”. You are welcome to buy fuel and use purchased litres through “Raduga” card any time through Internet and your mobile phone (mobile apps), at any filling station”Sheriff” or through self-service terminals ZAO “Agroprombank”. Reasons to subscribe:

  • The volume of your fuel account is not limited in comparison with fuel tank volume of your car
  • This is a convenient tool to plan your budget and be protected from possible price fluctuations.  You can buy needed volume of fuel in advance, that will be on your account measured in litres.
  • Now you can manage your family expenses online
  • You can «stick» to your project all your cards «Raduga»,  set limits on fuel consumption  and get  reports on each kind of fuel.

How to join the fuel project?

  1. Site https://fuel.sheriff.md/
  2. In any self-service terminal ZAO “Agrprombank”
  3. At any filling station  “Sheriff”

How can I join the project via Internet

  1. Get registered on the site https://fuel.sheriff.md using “Raduga” card details
  2. Add accounts to control paid liters on each type of the fuel
  3. Add to your project “Raduga” card of your relatives (if necessary)

Purchase the fuel in the internet banking, mobile application or at the filling stations JJJ “Sheriff.. self-service terminals or “Agroprombank” branches. You can subscribe to the fuel project for FREE!

For more details please contact Fuel and Lubricant Sales Department Sheriff (777) 33308, (533) 68529. 

Information about prices you can find in the website sections Retail prices and Fuel Cards Prices. The purchase of fuel through fuel cards shouldn’t acceed 1500 litres within 24 hour.