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The history of the company

The company “Sheriff” was founded in 1993, June, 24  
For the twenty years a small company grew into the most significant, dynamically developing business partnerships of successful enterprises in Pridnestrovie.
For these years the company was growing and developing.   The new job positions are creating,  and company tax revenues to the budget and off-budget state funds are constantly increasing. A special attention is paid to development of sports in our country.

In 1996 the modern supermarkets “Sheriff” opened in Pridvestrovian cities.

The company currently owns 22 supermarkets, 1 hypermarket and 3 wholesale   stores, 1 minimarket “Nika”.

In 1997 the sport club “Sheriff” was founded. The club football team is eleven times Champion of the Republic of Moldova, the winner of the Commonwealth Cup for 2 times and 4 Super Cups in Moldova.
In 1998 the repair and construction department  "Sheriff" was established.

 The same year the first petrol station "Sheriff" was built and put into operation and then in a short time a network of modern petrol stations and related facilities spread throughout the country.

Today the network consists of 17 petrol stations and complexes, one storehouse of petroleum products, and oil depots in Tiraspol  and Rybnitsa.

In 1999 the auto center “Mercedes-Benz” was founded to be an official dealer and  trade representative of the German company in the region.

Three years later the automobile sales centre “Mercedes” was opened where new production of concern "Daimler-Benz" was represented.

The personnel of the auto center were trained in specialized training centers abroad.

In 2000 the company management decided to create a modern sports base to develop professional football in Pridnestrovie.

It was the start of large-scale construction of a sports complex of international level "Sheriff".–

2002 the main football arena that was highly appreciated by FIFA  began to function.

Besides the main football arena the sport complex “Sheriff” includes a small arena, 8 training fields, an indoor football arena, a residential complex for the club "Sheriff" players.

 The club operates Football Academy, where more than 400 talented children from all over the country train under the guidance of experienced coaches.

In 2008 5 supermarkets in Tiraspol, Dubossary, Bendery began to operate,  2 petrol stations were  built in Tiraspol and Ribnitsa.  The discount program was launched for the owners of bank card “Raduga”
From 2009 to the present days -  the expansion and development of the company "Sheriff",  new economical subjects become the part of the holding and the social projects are held aiming to support the residents of Pridnestrovie.

Nowadays the company "Sheriff" includes:
- Commercial network consisting of 3 wholesale stores and 22 supermarkets,
- 17 petrol stations,
- 2 oil depots and a storehouse of petroleum products,
- repair and construction department,
- auto center "Mercedes-Benz"
- auto center "TirAuto".