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Occupational Safety and Health

One of the most important principles of management is the safety of working conditions at all stages of the production process. Occupational and industrial safety issues are a priority for the company. Sheriff LLC  invests significant funds annually in improving the working conditions of the employees.

In 2012, the company spent about 1.2 million rubles on labor protection. The work done in this direction by the enterprise in recent years confirms its effectiveness.

Industrial Safety and Labor Protection

The work on the prevention of occupational injuries, work-related diseases, as well as the improvement of working conditions is undoubtedly important for the company.

The company has developed and implemented an Occupational Safety Management System (OSMS). OSMS includes normative documents regulating the preparation, adoption and implementation of organizational, technical, sanitary and hygienic actions and medical preventive measures for ensuring safety, maintaining the health and working capacity of an employee. In all structural subdivisions of the company, the targeted and comprehensive surveys of employees' health and labor protection conditions are conducted.

Providing employees with personal protective equipment

Employees of the company are provided with the necessary means of individual and collective protection, special clothing and footwear, adapted to the specifics of labor and providing maximum comfort and protection from harmful factors.

According to the lists developed and approved within OSMS framework, a certain category of employees is provided with special hygiene means. Employees working in special working conditions are provided with medical and preventive food, individual and collective protection equipment, special clothes and shoes, on the instructions of the company's management. Detergents, healthcare products for first-aid kits are given out to the employees according to the adjusted schedule.

Realization of sanitary-hygienic and medical-prophylactic measures

The company regularly performs measures recommended by the medical and preventive institutions in Pridnestrovie to prevent occupational diseases. Compulsory preliminary (upon admission to work) and periodic medical examinations are conducted, which allow detecting occupational diseases at early stage.  If there is a suspicion of occupational disease, the employee is subject to the rehabilitation and transfer to other work without harmful occupational factors as well as while obtaining a second specialty.

A preventive rehabilitation of workers is regularly held at the sanatorium-treatment facilities.

The company has its own first-aid station.  In 2012, 4045 employees applied for help.

According to the approved list, 300 first-aid kits were purchased for the company's divisions.

Employees of the company undergo a fluorography as a part of an annual preventive examination. To not interrupt the working process, a mobile fluorography bus is provided. In 2012, specialists of a mobile fluorography bus examined 1,067 employees.

In order to prevent ARVI, seasonal vaccinations are carried out.

Training of workers in safety and labor protection

The personal factor plays a leading role in meeting the safety requirements at the workplace. Therefore, the company pays much attention to training, supervision and motivation of personnel to comply with the rules of labor protection.

The total number of employees and specialists of the company that work at high-risk facilities by 2013 was more than 1200 people. They are slingers, electric gas welders, bridge crane operators, truck cranes, lifters, truck drivers, lift truck operators, gas station operators, tank cleaning workers, steeplejack workers.

To improve the effectiveness of the quality of training  the management of the company  decided to establish a permanent Examination Commission for Occupational and Industrial Safety ECOIS.  It includes the leading experts and managers. The company was given the right to conduct training and certification of employees employed at high-risk facilities.

Safety and labor protection monitoring and control

There is a three-level system for monitoring for labor protection at every division of the company. The first level control object is the organization of the workplace. Control is carried out by the masters, assistant directors, shift supervisors before working process. At the second level, the control is exercised directly by the head of the structural unit and the occupational safety engineer. The third level of control is produced by a commission headed by a chief engineer. The results of control are documented by an act on the basis of which technical and organizational arrangements are developed.