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Development of corporate culture

The company considers one of its priorities to be the development of a corporate culture, that conduces the formation of a comfortable social and psychological climate in labor collectives, the spirit of corporate solidarity and high motivation for work. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle doest takes the last place in this chain. The development of corporate communication channels plays an important role in the daily life of the company.
Information about the most important events and results of the activities of "Sheriff" LLC is available to all interested people through the mass media, corporate website and newspaper, booklets.
Annually, according to the calendar of corporate events and the plans of the company's business units, there are festive, sports, and children's events, in which more than 2,500 employees and their families participate.
 Surveys of more than 4 thousand employees of "Sheriff" LLC are conducted every year to research their satisfaction with terms and labor payment, team relationships, psychological climate, and to evaluate the work of the administrating managers. For several years, the structural divisions of the company studied the opinions of employees about the efficiency of sanatorium treatment, children's leisure, about the social conditions at work.
The company also applies a competitive approach to motivate employees to continuously learn and achieve maximum production results. Aiming that, the professional skill contests are organized, ensuring the support of effective workers, popularizing their success as role models. In the framework of the traditional annual competition "A Year of Polite Service", by interviewing colleagues and researching the customers’ opinion, winners are identified. The winners are also determined in the contest nominations "Best in Profession", "Best Mentor" and "Best Colleague".
The availability of information for each employee is one of the important rules of corporate governance.  In the company's divisions, five-minute and general meetings with employees are held regularly. For 20 years, a stable system of in-corporate communications has been formed.
An effective tool to achieve corporate goals is the timely moral encouragement of employees, which contributes to the formation of employees' awareness of complicity and significance, strengthens the interest in improving the quality of work at business unit and in the whole enterprise.
Particularly distinguished employees are presented to state awards, awards of and corporate awards.