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Economic effectiveness

Today Sheriff  LLC is one of the largest economic entities of Pridnestrovie. The share of the organization in the market sector of the economy  was 14%  by the end of 2012 and it is steadily increasing every year.
Herewith the company “Sheriff” accumulates a half of added value  in trade sector. Increasing the result from 35% (2008) to 50% (2012).

With increasing the share of participation in state economy the company effectiveness results are growing too.

 Thereby the average value of equity in 5 years increased by 1.6 times, and equity economic efficiency gained from 17% to 22%.
For 5 years the net profit of the company increased by 2 times.

The number of workers employed in Sheriff LTD is steadily growing.

In 5 years the number of employees increased by 1.2 times and reached 4321, representing 6% of the people employed in the economy.

And the salaries of workers are growing from year to year. In 5 years the average wage increased in 1,4 times and was 4 900 roubles (average for for five mounths of 2013). It is 1,4 times more than average salary in republic economy.

Occupying a significant share of the economy of Pridnestrovie, "Sheriff" LTD is also the largest taxpayer of the Republic and holds first place in total amount of tax payments to the state budget.

In 2012 the company “Sheriff” transferred 58 million US dollars  to the state budget as taxes, duties and fees. That made up 14% of the annual turnover and 19% of all tax revenues of the state.

The share of company tax payments in the state tax income is growing annually.
Along with the growth of increasing activity results of "Sheriff" LTD grow the holding “Sheriff” performance. The companies’ group share in the market sector of economy was 37% in 2012, more on 4% compared to 2011 year results.

A growing share of holding “Sheriff” in the economic structure of Pridnestrovie causes increasing share of tax contributions in the structure of state tax revenues.

In the context of the 50 largest taxpayers of the republic more than 52% of payments to the budget and extra-budgetary funds came from the group of companies "Sheriff" since 2012, which made up 32% of the budget tax revenues.

The holding “Sheriff” is the biggest employer in Pridnestrovian republic with the number of employees 13 157 people registered in 2012, what made up 17% of all employees in Pridnestrovie.